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  1. COPD is a lifelong condition that can make breathing difficult and interrupt daily activities. Playing the harmonica might hold the key to ease and improve breathing.
  2. Relative risks for problems -- such as clotting and early labor -- are significant, the new study found.
  3. But keeping campaign promises regarding the nation’s covid response will go beyond stepping up the rollout of the vaccines.
  4. In the days leading up to his inauguration, Biden announced a $1.9 trillion plan to alter the course of the pandemic, and he announced the experts, many world-renowned, that he has tapped to lead that effort.
  5. Eating even a little fried food can make a big difference in your heart health.
  6. This weekend was a big boost for my confidence. I not only ate healthy and stayed under my calorie goal, but I exercised both days!
  7. That's because adequate sleep is an important factor in a strong immune system.
  8. More than 44,500 people in Florida are overdue for their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  9. Could chronic inflammation lead to breast cancer? Find out what the science says.
  10. Tough limits on carbohydrates in your meals can help get type 2 diabetes under control -- but the benefits typically wane over time, a new research review shows.
  11. A spritz instead of a shot to ward off COVID-19? Researchers report that a nasal spray vaccine against the new coronavirus shows promise in animal testing.
  12. New research shows that the wealthier you were at the start of the pandemic, the more likely it is you'll maintain social distance.
  13. Black Americans are receiving covid vaccines at a much lower rate than their white peers due to a combination of mistrust and access issues, leaving them behind in the mission to vaccinate the nation’s population.
  14. Ideally, everyone would have sophisticated N95 masks. But they're in short supply. While a cloth mask is better than no masks, experts warn technology needs to improve to stop the pandemic.
  15. Studies have linked head injuries and MS. Learn about the connection and find out what you can do to protect your child.
  16. It was my birthday week, but I still made progress in my journey to becoming a healthier me.
  17. CDC modeling indicates the variant could account for a majority of COVID cases in the U.S. in March, peaking at around 80,000 cases a day in late April.
  18. Emotional support animals are more than just pets. If you have multiple sclerosis, they can provide emotional comfort and sometimes perform useful tasks. Learn what sets them apart from service animals and therapy dogs.
  19. Can multiple sclerosis affect how long you live? Does the type you have make a difference? Learn more about life expectancy with this condition.
  20. The projection: Due to pandemic deaths, life expectancy at birth for Americans will shrink by 1.13 years, to 77.48 years.
  21. There are many reasons people stop taking MS meds. Some feel they aren’t working, or the side effects are too severe. Or they could be too expensive. Is it safe to stop taking them? What do you need to know?
  22. Experts have a simple answer for heart and stroke patients questioning whether they need a COVID-19 vaccination. That answer: yes.
  23. Should I take a vitamin or supplement after breast cancer treatment? Which ones are best? Are they safe? Are there any to avoid? Can they prevent breast cancer from coming back? Learn about supplements after breast cancer treatment.
  24. It was hard to stick with my exercise goals now that I’m back to the daily grind. But I learned something important about myself: I can do it.
  25. he Federal Retail Pharmacy Partnership Program has tapped two pharmacy chains per state to offer free COVID-19 vaccines. Already signed are CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Costco, Walmart, Rite Aid, Publix and more.

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