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  1. Shelby Houlihan, one of America’s top runners, says eating a pork burrito probably caused a positive steroid test that resulted in her being banned from competing in the U.S. Olympic trials.
  2. There's no single answer, but there are many new treatment options. Finding the right one may take some trial-and-error — so persistence is key.
  3. Dreams can feel random and disjointed but might actually serve a higher function, helping you prepare for what's ahead, according to new research findings.
  4. New clinical trial results show trendy intermittent fasting diets don't work any better than simple calorie cutting.
  5. A new study finds the health precautions used to combat spreading COVID may also have helped those with COPD.
  6. A new survey found women more likely to go without health care, compared to men, possibly resulting in a higher number of women with severe health issues after the pandemic is over.
  7. A nationwide surveys shows more teens in the U.S. are reporting their sexual identity as gay, lesbian or bisexual.
  8. Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen’s heart stopped beating after he fell to the ground during a Euro 2020 match against Finland on Saturday, Danish team doctor Morten Boesen said.
  9. New research suggests the music you play at bedtime to help you fall asleep may actually have the opposite effect.
  10. Lifestyle changes can help improve your psoriasis and your overall health. Follow these expert tips.
  11. Oncologists underestimate patient use of complementary and alternative treatments and often differ with patients in their opinions of approaches that offer benefits
  12. Even moderate drinking may disrupt the time-sensitive sequence of hormonal events in conception.
  13. A new study finds a rising number of young Americans, including children, are taking their own lives using firearms.
  14. Many patients could get the same level of pain relief from ibuprofen or acetaminophen without the risk of addiction.
  15. The incidents in Cuba are under investigation as public servants and some members of their families undergo medical care.
  16. It's easy to get lost among the constantly shifting recommendations for summer travel, but consider your vaccine status, how you plan to get where you're going, and what COVID-19 numbers look like at your destination.
  17. U.S. regulators have extended the expiration date on millions of J&J COVID vaccine doses by six weeks.
  18. Arthritis pain can make it difficult to sleep, and lack of sleep can aggravate joint pain. Try these tips from WebMD to break the vicious cycle.
  19. Arthritis can make every task challenging, especially at work. Get tips from WebMD for minimizing joint pain, strain, and stiffness at work.
  20. New research suggests the anesthetic known as "laughing gas" might be a safe and effective alternative when antidepressants fail help hard-to-treat depression.
  21. Didn't sleep well last night? WebMD discusses how to have more energy the day after a bad night's sleep.
  22. A study conducted in the United Kingdom finds that one dose of the Pfizer vaccine provided about 33% protection against the delta variant, first identified in India.
  23. Caffeine might increase the risk of an eye disease in people who have a genetic susceptibility.
  24. A new study finds those who have adequate levels of vitamin D when diagnosed with breast cancer have better long-term outcomes.
  25. A new poll finds drinking rose among older Americans during the worst of the pandemic, and that could put their health at risk.

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