Edward Nichols, MD, FACEP

Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine

Dr. Edward Nichols completed his Internal Medicine residency from Kern Medical Center in 1989. He continued at Kern Medical Center to pursue Emergency Medicine residency and subsequently received board certifications in Internal and Emergency Medicine. Dr. Nichols has practiced in Kern County for over 30 years and considers Bakersfield to be the one of the best communities to live in California.

As an ER physician, Dr. Nichols has worked in nearly every hospital in Kern— allowing him access to the rich network of medical consultants. Dr. Nichols has dedicated his time and resources in the management of his patients, and has established several practices throughout Bakersfield to provide further convenience to patients. As a senior physician in the field, he has held various leadership appointments at hospitals, including Chair of Medicine at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital and Chair of Staff at Bakersfield Heart Hospital. Dr. Nichols currently serves as the President of QualCare, IPA.

As a car racing enthusiast, Dr. Nichols has passion for modifying and restoring vehicles to performance models. He has driven in many professional motor race circuits nationally. Dr. Nichols relishes the time spent with his wife and three children be it watching movies, travelling, or simply sitting down for a meal.

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