Kirit Desai, MD


Dr. Kirit Desai completed his Internal Medicine Residency in 1982 from Edgewater Hospital in Illinois. Thereafter, he had a short stint as an ER physician before joining the Cardiovascular Fellowship Program at Columbus Hospital in Illinois. On finishing Cardiovascular training, he practiced at El Centro Hospital in California. Dr. Desai also specializes in Cardiac CT, diagnosis of cardiac conditions by CT scan. Grateful for the warm California climate, Dr. Desai finally established roots in Bakersfield.

In his endeavor to improve patient lives, Dr. Desai ensures that each of his patients is afforded the most effective treatment regimen. He combines both non-invasive and surgical interventions for managing cardiovascular cases. Over the 35 years of practice, Dr. Desai has encountered an abundant amount of complex cases which he has evaluated and treated successfully.

Dr. Desai and his wife, a fellow physician, enjoy time with each other and friends. Dr. Desai promotes collaborative setting at Central Cardiology Medical Center by sharing and strategizing with his colleagues the best tailored approach to challenging heart disease cases.

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