Mark T Dagdagan, MD

Family Practice

Dr. Mark T Dagdagan completed his residency from Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. His first 10 years of practice were spent in Illinois as a private practitioner and thereafter Dr. Dagdagan shifted to California where he joined Delano Medical Center as staff physician and established the Family Medical Center.

Through his two practices, he was able to serve two very distinct medical communities. At the hospital level, Dr. Dagdagan focused on full-spectrum medicine, often consulting on complex, chronic conditions including behavioral health issues. While at his private practice, Dr. Dagdagan addressed routine health maintenance, screenings, urgent care medicine, and patient education. In over 45 years of practice, Dr. Dagdagan has treated thousands of patients and has created vital relationships. He strongly believes that every encounter serves as an opportunity to inform and impact the life of a patient.

Away from the office, Dr. Dagdagan enjoys spending time with his family and given the chance spoils his grandchildren. Weekends are spent with watching movies, eating out at local hotspots, or gardening.


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