telemed doc2We now offer Telemedicine

We remain committed to your health in this time of crisis.

We are excited to announce that we are now offering telehealth services. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering telehealth visits with your doctor. Having a “virtual” visit from the comfort of your home is the best way to provide treatment and keep you safe. In line with the CDC’s guidance on social distancing, we do not want you to leave your house or be in a group setting if it’s not necessary. We do, however, want to get you the care you need, when you need it.

Telemedicine is a simple way for patients to be treated by their doctor by use of communications such as a videoconference or a phone call, without an in-person visit. All you need is a smart phone, or computer with a camera, microphone and a good internet connection.

Diagnostic tests can also be reviewed during a Telemedicine visit. If needed, your doctor can set up your prescriptions or order refills at your pharmacy.

Telemedicine benefits include:

  • Be seen/treated from anywhere
  • Keep your distance from others without reducing your quality of care
  • No travel time
  • No parking hassles

Whether you are a new patient or need to see your regular doctor for a non-urgent, medical issue, we can help.

Give us a call today to schedule your Televisit.

Primary Care

Preferred Family Care                                                      (661) 638-2273

William F Baker Jr.,M.D.& Associates                (661) 616-9300

Sillect Medical Centers                                                    (661) 323-8477

J. Foster Campbell, M.D.                                                  (661) 654-8338

Southwest Internal Medicine                                     (661) 861-7927

Clinica Del Valle                                                                      (661) 363-7000

Golden Valley Medical Associates                          (661) 664-0252


Central Cardiology Medical Center                      (661) 323-8384


Kern Endocrine Center                                                   (661) 748-1999

General Surgery

Abraham Avi Nisim, MD                                             (661) 865-5650


Maheep Virdi,M.D.                                                            (661) 432-7851


Ian Armstrong, MD                                                          (661) 865-5670


Muhammad Ashraf-Alim, MD                             (661) 441-6271





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